Bring more spirit to your company

WIDD Factory helps people to grow personally and professionally and facilitates sustainable strengthening of corporate values.

The WIDD App is the fastest tool for self-development.
A virtual coach that reaches out to everybody and helps to change behavior.

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Gather honest and procedural feedback from people you trust. Know your strengths and weaknesses.


Constantly improve.
1-minute instruction videos coach and inspire to leave your comfort zone every day.


See where you are standing and know where you are heading. Stay up to date and follow your progress.


Successful people stand out for their will to constantly develop themselves.
To develop character qualites and abilities, the WIDD App delivers short and fun, psychologically and business checked videos that deliver an impulse to DO something (ToDo), to come to action.
You are what you do!

  • Video-based

    ToDo instructions are provided in vivid 1-minute videos.

  • Quality specific

    Specific challenges to develop character qualities and abilities.

  • Innovative

    Multiple underlying principles, such as micro learning combined with situated learning, guarantee best knowledge transfer.

  • Follows your pace

    You can request a new ToDo whenever you have time to accomplish it.

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Personal development is based on honest feedback.
Leaders, managers and employees gather quick, anonymous and continuous feedback at any chosen moment, in order to know their strengths and weaknesses. Less than 15 seconds to give feedback in a fun way with merely one tap.
Know how the world REALLY perceives you!


    Create your own juries and invite people you trust.


    Request feedback anytime you like by sending a notification. Giving Feedback is fast and fun.


    The feedbacks given by your juries are for your eyes only.


    Based on your feedback results decide which quality you want to improve.

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Develop Your Character. Constantly

The story and the brains behind WIDD Factory

Core values are the fundamental beliefs of an organization. Due to their unquestioned benefits companies put a lot of effort in defining them. But they are only true core values if the employees manage to live by them.
In order to satisfy this need WIDD Factory was founded in 2015 by Sebastian Körber, who has many years of coaching and training experience in the field of leadership development and Julian Molzer, with a profound international management expertise and passion for employee development. They created a new and innovative tool to help leaders and managers to see their strengths and weaknesses and to develop the right skills to bring a company’s core values to life - the WIDD App.

Sebastian Koerber - CEO
Sebastian Körber
CEO & Co-founder

Sebastian is clinical psychologist, entrepreneur, coach and trainer. Self-experience and personal development is the center of his life and work.  He has been training and coaching top level managers since 2009 ( He loves South America and spends half the year working and living there. His lifestyle is impulsive and quick.

Julian Molzer
COO & Co-founder

Julian is specialist for projects and processes, with management expertise in international and technical environments and great experience in staff development. For him people are key when it comes to successfully achieving goals. He loves travelling and sports and stands for structure, focus, persistence and calmness.

These two are supported by experts in personal coaching, HR-development, IT and video production.

  • "This is the next generation tool for leadership development and
    will replace 360-Feedback completely."

    Roland H., HR Consultant

  • "Great TODOs. Fun to use!
    It helped me to leave my comfort zone and enjoy it!"

    Karen M., Head of department

  • "Fast and fun.
    Absolutely fresh and state of the art!"

    Florian F., Head of division


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